General Information--Cost of Services

Whom we serve

We serve people who are at risk for, or have, a mental illness, developmental disability, and/or emotional disturbance.

Our services may be covered by health insurance, including Medicaid. Fees are based on an ability to pay, and no one is ever denied service due to the inability to pay.

When you come to your first appointment, you must bring your most recent State of Michigan Income Tax Return or, if you are working, your most recent pay stub. Here some answers to questions you may have about how fees are determined.

Do I have to pay for public mental health services?

Michigan law requires people to pay for public mental health services if they, or their family members, receive these services.

Prior to the start of the services, you will meet with the Customer Service Specialist to determine your ability to pay. No one will be denied service if they are unable to pay.

How is my ability to pay determined?

The State requires us to use a sliding fee scale which gives an ability to pay based on your Michigan State taxable income.

What if I disagree with the ability to pay that is determined?

A reimbursement specialist will complete a full determination based on your income, assets, and expenses. This determination is submitted to the Executive Director for review.

Is the information I provide confidential?

Yes, all the information will be held in the strictest confidence.







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